Find out all the features of the Mars Gaming MGC2 in this video.

Quality, design & ergonomics

When spending hours using the PC, it is important to watch your back and posture . The MGC1 offers quality materials with adjustable positions and a design based on competition chairs.

Mars Gaming mgc2

Padded headrest

Rest your head and neck and choose the perfect posture. The MGC1 is equipped with a padded head restraints designed to play for hours without fatigue.

Mars Gaming mgc2
Mars Gaming mgc2

Tilt and height adjustable

Play straight, bent or into a rigid position, elevated above the floor or with your feet on earth, but always padded and comfortable. Numerous options are available with personalization offered by the MGC2. Its adjustable tilt and height , together with its adjustable padded armrests offer maximum comfort

PU Coating

The polyurethane coating gives the MGC1 a soft, sturdy and easy to clean touch.

Mars Gaming mgc2 Mars Gaming mgc2

Rich range of colors

The MGC2 offers a range of 9 different colors to choose the best for your likes.



Mars Gaming mgc2
Seat | Made in Nylon | 53 x 48cm | Thickness 7.5cm
Back | 77cm x 54cm / User recommended height to 1.90 cm
Base | 5 stars PVC with 350mm
Wheels | 50mm Diammeter
Size | 71 x 70 x 114-122cm
Weight | 14kg / It supports up to 120Kg
  • We can tell that this is one of the best gaming chairs with its price. Mars gaming MGC2's a really comfortable chair which will make your hours sitting in front of the screen fly making you feel less tired. It's made with high quality materials and you can clean it with ease.

    Proffesional Review Gaming MGC2
    • Golden Award
    • Profesional Review
  • The MGC2 chair from Mars Gaming is highly recommended for most gamers, while it is perfectly valid for other players. It stands out for its ergonomics and it's finishing quality materials. It is placed squarely as one of the best economic chairs of this type of market, where Mars Gaming operates like no one.

    Proffesional Review Gaming MGC2
    • Titanium Award
    • Hard Daily

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