Our brands

Do you know our brands? These product lines represent three Gods of Olympus: Hades, Vulcano and Zeus. Different powers and different personalities that provides each line with its own exclusive style. Which on do you choose?


All the power of this Olympus God joint in this Zeus line, that combines gaming technology with awesome designs. Feel the anger and the fury of the lighting in your hands!

Mars Gaming Zeus


You will feel Vulcano´s fury with this Mars Gaming line. Inspired in this Roman God, Vulcano joins gaming technology with awesome designs. Will you be able to control its power? Trigger fire´s anger!

Mars Gaming Vulcano
Mars Gaming Hades


From deaths´abode, Hades Kingdom, emerges this Mars Gaming line. With a restrained, clean and pure design, his Hades line has been designed for all those gamers who want to make the difference with their peripherals.

Mars Gaming Hades