Mars Gaming MCPU1


CPU Cooler

Mars Gaming MCPU1

Maximum cooling

MCPU1 with its 56 pcs heat dissipating aluminium fins, placed in a 360º ring, and its rough finishing increases contact with air in order to achieve a extremely high cooling of the system for a better performance.

Mars Gaming MCPU1

For compact cases

Its low profile turns MCPU1 into the perfect option for small gaming cases. Because compact cases also deserve the best cooling system, MCPU1 is their best choice.

Mars Gaming MCPU1

PWM Technology

MCPU1´s 92 mm fan has been manufactured with the original 4pin PWM technology. This allows us to manage and control fan´s speed both manually and automatically at any time, through motherboard´s microprocessor. With no extra energy consumption, fan´s speed adjusts according computer´s needs.

Fan | 92mm
Air flow | 42,5CFM
Speed | 2000RPM+10%
Noise | 19dB+10%
Lifetime | 30.000h
Material | Aluminium
INTEL | LGA775|LGA1150|LGA1151|LGA1155|LGA1156
AMD | FM1|AM2|AM2+|AM3|AM3+|FM2 |FM2+
Dimensions | 115x113x57mm
Weight | 285g

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