Gaming glasses

Blue light

Long gaming sessions in front of the screen can cause eye strain and dry eyes, and in the long run can bring about the premature birth of diseases such as Macular Degeneration and even blindness. MGL1 special lens protect your eyes from the harmful blue light.

Mars Gaming MGL1

Take care of your eyes

MGL1 reduces the harmful impact of the blue light produced by the screens. Their polycarbonate special lens block blue light´s crossing, removing the feeling of eyestrain that appears after many hours using the computer.

Mars Gaming MGL1
Mars Gaming MGL1

Retro design

With a retro-clasic design, these MGL1 cool gamign glasses are perfect not only for your long gaming sessions, but also any time you want to protect your sight against the light of the screens: in front of the computer or the televisión, with your mobile or your tablet. MGL1 are the perfect glasees for any situation. And thanks to their curved arms, they get a perfect fitting to use them for hours.

Mars Gaming MGL1
Mars Gaming MGL1

Transparent lens

These MGL1 gaming glasses, with transparente lens, are perfect to keep a true-color visión and they are especial recommended for well iluminated ambiences.

Mars Gaming MGL1 Mars Gaming MGL1
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  • (...)its protective function works really fine, because after many hours focusing our eyes, we have it really clear.

  • If you have long gaming sessions or any other activity in front of the screen, and you don´t need prescription glasses, they are totally recommended. For about 16€ you will feel an incredible change in your experience in front of the screen, you will hold on for longer, won´t lose concentration because of dry eyes, and you will protect your eyes from irreversible damages caused by this kind of light.

  • With their special transparent lens, MGL1 protect the eyes from the damages of the blue light, decreasing eyestrain and dry eyes (...) for well illuminated environments, such as long working hours during the day.

    Islabit_Mars Gaming MGL1
  • We have fallen in love with its retro design in the purest rayban style, making us want to use them not only on the PC, but also with the Tablet or TV. The finish of the same is 100% plastic and its weight is only 30 grams. They integrate a transparent crystal indicated for illuminated environments and that after several hours of use we verify that it fulfills its function to repel the blue light, since we notice less fatigue and dryness in the view. In short they achieve a reduction of the brightness that emits our monitor and preventing the passage of the blue light.

    PcPro_Mars Gaming MGL1
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Lens | Polycarbonate
Frame color | Black
Lens color | Transparent
Lens size | 50mm
Bridge size | 20mm
Arms size | 144mm
Weight | 30g

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