Gaming glasses

Blue light

Long gaming sessions in front of the screen can cause eye strain and dry eyes, and in the long run can bring about the premature birth of diseases such as Macular Degeneration and even blindness. MGL1 special lens protect your eyes from the harmful blue light.

Mars Gaming MGL3

Take care of your eyes

With the new MGL3 gaming glasees you can protect your eyes from the damages of the blue light caused by long gaming sessions. The special lens of MGL3 avoid this blue light´s effects in the sight, increasing the contrast and the focus to ease eyestrain.

Mars Gaming MGL3

Need prescription glasses?

If you need prescription glasees, MGL3 gaming glasses are your best choice. Thanks to their infernal bracket you can place your prescription lens and use them in a more comfortable way.

Mars Gaming MGL3 Mars Gaming MGL3

Sporty design

With an awesome sporty design, MGL3 will turn into an extra weapon to enjoy your games with the best performance. And, due to its curved design they fit perfectly, so you can wear them in your long gaming sessions.

Mars Gaming MGL3 Mars Gaming MGL3
Mars Gaming MGL3
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  • In the beginning I wasn´t in favour of these kind of products. Now, MGL3 are essential in my gaming and production sessions. I work many hours in front of the screen and in these two weeks that I have been testing them, my eyes have noticed the functionality of these glasses.

  • The polycarbonate is an interesting material, cheaper than glass but stronger, avoiding better the scratches and standing better too drops. A detai that really pleased us is that all the pressure areas are padding, so they are really comfortable.

  • Mars Gaming MGL3 are a really recommendable accesoty for those users who spend many hours daily in front of the screen. For about 23 euros, we get a really good protection for our eyes, reducing the ayes fatigue and posible headaches.

    Profesional Review_Mars Gaming MGL3
  • The design of these MGL3 takes the bow, we can say that they are really comfortable although you use them for hours. This comfort is the result of their rubber arms, really flexible.

    Islabit_Mars Gaming MGL1
  • It has a small coupling inside that comes with a small plastic lens that we can replace with a graduated lens. The glass with yellow dye fulfills the purpose for which we acquire them preventing the passage of the harmful blue light and reducing the eye strain.

    PcPro_Mars Gaming MGL3
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    • PcPro
Lens | Polycarbonate
Frame color | Black
Lens color | Yellow
Lens size | 80mm
Bridge size | 32mm
Arms size | 113mm
Weight | 30g

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