Mars Gaming MH0

Extremely comfortable

MH0 headphones have a round design, more ergonomic and inteligent, that in addition to its soft high-quality cushions, turn these MH0 into perfect headphones for the longest gaming sessions.

Mars Gaming MH0
Mars Gaming MH0

Express yourself

MH0 headphones have an innovative noise cancelling microphone. Play in team with no distractions. Furthermore, its side-foldable design gives you the chance of hiding it when you´re not using it.

Mars Gaming MH0
Drivers | Neodymium 30mm
Design | Ergonomic
Impedance | 32Ω
Frequency Response | 20Hz∼20kHz
Max Input Power | 20mW
Sensitivity | 115dB±3dB
Impedance | 2.2Ω
Sensitivity | -62dB±3dB
Directivity | Omnidirectional
Technology | Noise Cancelling system
Connectivity | Double 3,5mm Jack

Technology | Ultra bass
Size | 170x195x85mm
Weight | 225g
Cable length | 2m

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