Find out all the features of the Mars Gaming MH316 in this video.

Auriculares Mars Gaming MH316

Surround 7.1 sound

Enjoy of a total immersion in games thanks to Surround technology, a spectacular Professional Gaming 7.1 Positional Surround Sound with power software control (USB connector) Windows compatible to set sound in detail. In addition, its premium sound quality through its 40mm neodymium speakers and premium bass performance is specifically developed for gamers. You can use them on multiple platforms thanks to its support for PS4 consoles and Jack connectors.

Auriculares Mars Gaming MH316
Auriculares Mars Gaming MH316


Stylish Mars Gaming style with red LED lighted logo and microphone LED for an awesome eye-catching visual design. Gold-Plated USB connectors for perfect digital connection. Braided cables for high reliability and durability.

Auriculares Mars Gaming MH316

Maximum comfort

MH216 manufactured with high quality materials allows you to enjoy your gaming sessions with the maximum comfort and durability. Its high-quality soft cushions with passive noise reduction ensure extreme confort and perfect focus at long gaming sessions. In addition, its robust headband with lightweight suspension is fully adjustable and has a wide compatibility with different users. Microphone muteable with anti-noise filter.

  • MH316 are very economic headphone for features that they offer. Great sound quality that they offer and a good pair of ears make that lost the match be something more difficult. If instead are prefered to listening to music we have to be ready, as it can give the sensation of being in a live concert, with the advantage of being able to pass the songs that you like.
    Webvyc Mars Gaming MH316
    • Webvyc
  • If you ask us to mention a weak point of these headphones we could not to say anything: they offer an excellent quality of materials, with a nice gaming design, accompanied by a good ergonomics and a really surprising sound for their price. Mars Gaming has really hit with these headphones, and if you are looking for a headset with good 7.1 sound, comfortable and very good price, you do not need to keep looking.
    • Platinum Award
    • Razorman
  • The MH316 we liked. We see that Mars Gaming has done a good job with its new model. They had in mind to position a headset games with premium features with a budget and a PVP below 40 €. And in this sense we value the fact that they have focused on the most important: good quality of materials, good sound quality and virtual sound 7.1 good quality.
    • Emblema de Oro
    • PcPro
  • This is a mid-range product at a right price that will offer us what we need. For the average user is a good choice and in that price range the purchase is defined by small personal details of each.
    • Gamestribune
  • We liked the MH316. We see that Mars Gaming has done a good job with its new model. Develop premium gaming headphones with a very tight budget.
    • CentroJuegos
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Drivers | Neodymium 40mm
Design | Ergonomic
Impedance | 32Ω
Frequency Response | 20Hz∼20kHz
Maximum Input Power | 15mW
Sensibility | 117dB±4dB
Impedance | 2.2Ω
Sensitivity | 42dB±3dB
Directivity | Omnidirectional
Technology | 7.1 Surround USB + 40mm Neodymium
Connectivity | USB + Jack

Technology | Ultra bass
Size | 200x220x90mm
Weight | 388g

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