Mouse station


Find out in this video the MMS1 bungee!

Mars Gaming MMS1

Flexible mouse station

Prevent your mouse´s cable from tangling with the new MMS1, keeping your total freedom of movement. Place the cable in its flexible arm and you will achieve perfect sliding of your gaming mouse and even higher precission during your games. MMS1 provides the highest stability in order to avoid unexpected movements.

Mars Gaming MMS1

Maximum connectivity

New MMS1 is also a 4 ports 2.0 USB HUB. This small device will increase your computer´s connection capacity, allowing up to 4 devices connected at the same time. And, due to its independent USB power-LED indicator you will know each port connection status.

Mars Gaming MMS1

Perfect for gaming

With its flexible design and its spectacular red-LED lighting effect, MMS1 station will be your mouse´s best partner in the fight. The perfect combination to win!

Mars Gaming MMS1 Mars Gaming MMS1
Lighting | Red LED
Material | Rubber finish
USB | 4x 2.0

Dimensions | 108x108x109mm
Weigth | 316g

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