7.1 USB Soundcard 7.1

Mars Gaming MSC1

Compact Design

The small size of the MSC1 card allows you to enjoy the best sound anywhere.

Mars Gaming MSC1
Mars Gaming MSC1

Premium quality in a tiny space

Enjoy the sound and get the best "In- Game" experience in your games with the MSC1 thanks to its new generation 7.1 positional audio chipset along with its gaming optimized microphone input.

Mars Gaming MSC1

Control Software

Mars Gaming excusive. Take advantage from a Gaming optimized and customized control software.

Mars Gaming MSC1
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  • In short a product that has left us very happy. Firstly because MarsGaming has managed to get a sound quality that sounds like a little junk from this MSC1 model. And second, because we are faced with a product that comes to market for a price that is around ten euros. Come on ... it seems incredible that something so small and that it does so well has such a tight price. Without a doubt a very good purchase, which will take a step forward in your audio life in video games. Being quality price everything a jewel.

    GeneracionPixel Mars Gaming MSC1
    • GeneracionPixel
Material | Aluminium
Technology | 7.1 Audio
Connectivity | USB 2.0
I/O | 2x3.5mm Jack (Audio + Micro )
Size | 42x26x10mm
Weight | 10g

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